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January 30, 2006

The Renovation Tango

It’s been several months since we did any remodeling work on the house. In that time we actually bought the house from my parents, so from here out any work we do will have to be on our dime instead of theirs. It’s such a shame.

But when we bought the house we also got a big loan to do some of the major work the house needed. Because, you know, after 25 years some things just start falling apart on their own. So a few weeks ago we had a new furnace installed, to replace the original one which had been converted from propane to gas and was running at below 50% efficiency. And this week we’re having the next job done, replacing all the windows in the house.

But first, we snuck a new front door in with the window project. So the contractor came today to install that. Here’s the old door, vintage 1979:

And here’s the new, updated one:

Now, of course renovation can never be easy. And that’s why the house threw us a monkey wrench. It turns out that the two sides of the door frame aren’t level; one leans out and the other leans in, so the frame ends up twisted and the deadbolt won’t lock. The contractor says he has some magic to work tomorrow to get things lined up; we’ll see if he’s right about that. And then we’ll get all the windows installed, so for once maybe our house will actually keep the cold winter air out.

Should be an exciting week!