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April 17, 2006

Unwired in Woodland Hills

We’ve been here in Woodland Hills, in the San Fernando Valley, for a while now. Haven’t been able to post much because we’re staying in a nice hotel, which means they have the balls to screw you over every chance they get. Here at the Marriott there are nice fluffy beds, and polite doormen, and friendly valet parkers, but there is no complimentary internet access. In fact, there’s no wireless access at all. To get online here you have to run a wire across the room and give them $10 for the privelege. The only reason I’m able to post at all is because if I go out on the balcony, and point the laptop in just the right direction, I can pick up a wireless signal from the office building next door. So I’ve got high speed, but only outside, and only in the corner on the hard concrete (because the balcony is too small for a chair). Thanks, Marriott!

The $50 Good Nite Inn we’re staying at tomorrow night? Free wireless. Something’s a little topsy-turvy here.

Here are some more pictures. See one set here, and the other one here.

Bixby Bridge

Horseshoe Curve


2006-04-14 273

2006-04-16 011

2006-04-16 031

2006-04-16 150

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