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April 27, 2006

The Roof

The dumpster in the driveway.

I can’t believe it’s finally happening! A full four months after calling them and getting the job set up, the roofers have finally shown up to work on our house. We were hoping to get the new roof put on before winter hit, because our yard is littered with the old shingles that have blown off. But we didn’t have the money until December, and by then winter had started, and there was no break in the weather for them to come and do the job. But now, finally we have a couple of sunny days back to back, and their schedule miraculously matched up with Mother Nature’s. So they’re here unloading their truck right now.

Loading a bundle of shingles onto the conveyer belt.

Of course it’s a little unnerving to be sitting here and hear all the banging, pounding and scraping going on up above. Those bundles are heavy, and when they drop one along the crest of the roof the whole house shakes. You’re trained to treat any noises coming from your roof as a bad thing. And footsteps on the roof? That’s either burgulars, terrorists, or Santa Claus. And in April, I don’t want any of those trying to sneak into my house. So now that it sounds like there’s a sumo wrestling competition happening up there, my instincts are all out of whack.

Bundles along the roof line. You can also see the old roof and its missing shingles.

I’m just hoping, that with how bad the current roof is, they don’t find any bad sheathing that needs to be replaced. Or worse, there isn’t a rotten piece up there, and I end up with a roofer sitting in my lap unexpectedly!