May 5, 2006

The Roof, Completed

I guess I kept you all in suspense about what happened with the roof last week. I didn’t mean to do that, it just kind of happened. But anyway, to the absolute surprise of no one, the roofers didn’t finish on Friday. So we had to go the whole weekend exposed. But, to even less surprise, the thunderstorms they promised never showed up. A weather report in Nevada being wrong? Never!

But the guys did finally come back on Monday and finished the job. So instead of just one day (“maybe two”), it was a three-day job. Which, you’d think these guys have been doing roofs long enough that they’d be able to estimate correctly by now. If it’s going to take three days to do the roof, don’t say it’ll just take one.

But it’s done, and we’re happy. Of course, now the new roof sets off this whole chain reaction of other things we need to do, like we need to paint the house to go with the new roof color, then we need to do the yard so we’re not just sitting in a weed-infested lot. The work never ends, really.

But at least we have a new roof.

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