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May 9, 2006

Too Late For REV

I had no idea that Iomega was still around or still relevant. They were on top for a while there with their 100MB ZIP disks, especially back when the next best thing was 1.44MB floppies. But then the era of cheap CDs came along, where you could get 650MB for mere pennies, and ZIP went away. I dusted off the last of my ZIP drives here at the office and gave them to charity just this week, in fact. And now that we have cheap DVDs, where you can store 4.7GB for mere pennies, I thought we had seen the last of Iomega.

But no! I was looking through a catalog and came across the Iomega REV disk, which is the modern-day descendant of the ZIP disk. These REV disks are smaller than ZIP, and still made up of hard disk platters inside a plastic shell. But now they can hold 35GB! Well, you say, that’s more than a DVD, isn’t it? That’s even more than the new HD-DVD and BluRay discs, which can only hold 15 and 25GB, respectively. So is Iomega about to jump back on top of the world of removable storage?

Don’t count on it happening soon. I was pricing this new technology (which it seems has been out about two years (and I’m just hearing about it now?)), and the MSRP for a drive is about $350-$400. And that’s just the drive; the disks themselves cost about $50-$60 each. I found some places selling everything for about 25% less, but still. That is a fantastic amount of money for what basically amounts to a removable hard drive. And when you can buy an actual hard drive, with more than twice the capacity, for about the same price as one of those disks, going with REV really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

So sorry, Iomega. It’s too little for too much. Try again next generation.