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May 11, 2006

It’s Really Not A Singing Competition

See, I was just saying three days ago that the voting on American Idol has nothing to do with the singing. And then, just because the universe likes proving me right, Chris got voted out last night in a “big” “shocking” “twist” “episode”. And while this does prove me right that the singing skill of the contestants has nothing to do with the results, it does leave me puzzled. Because there are a lot of other factors that do play into the results, and Chris had most of that going on too. He had the look, he had the moves, and I thought he had the rabid fan base. I guess it just came down to one of those weeks where everybody is tied, and the fan bases go head-to-head. Whoever’s phone line has the least capacity loses. See also Aiken, Clay. Dial Idol predicted Chris going home this week, based on the busy signals, although he was very close to Katherine. Like, within a few tenths of a percent close. I guess it wasn’t close enough to save him. It’s okay though, he has a job waiting for him, probably a better job than singing insipid ballads under the AI contract would have been.

So now we’ve scientifically proven that American Idol is not a singing competition. Because if it was, if it was a purely close-your-eyes, listen-to-the-voice singing competition, the final two would have been Mandisa and Chris. Not to take anything away from the others, but those were the two that sounded the most polished, the most experienced, the least karaoke. But they’re both gone now, Mandisa done in because she bit the gay hand that fed her, and Chris done in by the busy signal. And so the circus goes on another week, the show that is about everything but singing.