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May 30, 2006

Puppies Are Expensive

Puppies Are Expensive

See this? This is the AC adapter for our six-month-old laptop computer. It seems that our new puppy Baxter thought we were spending too much time on the computer and not enough time playing with him, so he severed the lifeline. Almost started a fire by short circuiting the wires, in fact. So Viola’s laptop is offline, and she’s been having to check e-mail and blog from the desk computer, and she’s not too happy about it. Being able to compute from her LaZBoy has become a nightly ritual for her. What is she to do now?

This happens every time we get a new puppy. Ebony chewed through my shoes and wallet. Baxter has already chewed Viola’s glasses and cell phone, this is just the latest victim. I tried to splice it together, but it wasn’t happening. HP must build some anti-splice voodoo into their equipment. So we’ve got an order in for a replacement, and until then our laptop is sadly out of service. This is why I hate laptops; the parts are just so expensive. If the power cord for a desk computer gets severed, it’s no big deal. Those cords are a dime a dozen. I get them at work when I buy new monitors, and when I buy new power supplies. I think I even got one in a box of cereal once. But this laptop adapter? Direct from HP it’s $79. Refurbished you can find them for $45. We got an off-brand replacement for about half that. Hopefully we don’t get burned by not going with original equipment, and hopefully we can protect the new one from those sharp little teeth.

And it leads us to wonder: what’s next?