October 5, 2006

10 More Ways

Everyone’s got a list. In August I linked to 9 Ways for Newspapers to Improve Their Websites by Todd Zeigler. Now Doc Searls has his own list.

  1. Stop giving away the news and charging for the olds
  2. Start featuring archived stuff on the paper’s website
  3. Link outside the paper
  4. Start following, and linking to, local bloggers and even competing papers (such as the local arts weeklies)
  5. Start looking toward the best of those bloggers as potential stringers
  6. Start looking to citizen journalists (CJs) for coverage of hot breaking local news topics
  7. Stop calling everything “content”
  8. Uncomplicate your websites
  9. Get hip to the Live Web
  10. Publish Rivers of News for readers who use Blackberries or Treos or Nokia 770s, or other handheld Web browsers

:: Also on the topic of Changing Newspapers, Jeff Jarvis wrote about how newspaper editorialists have become irrelevant in this day and age, and need to evolve with the times. What especially needs to change is the anonymous, “Voice of the Institution” feel these editorials take on, like what’s being written isn’t the opinion of any one person, but the opinions of the newspaper itself. Like a disembodied voice emanating from the printing press. Of course, the editorialists attacked back with plenty of sputtering comments about how what they do is important to the community, and what the newspaper says is important because, well, because it’s the newspaper.

Is there a difference between the voice of John685@blogoworld.net and the voice of the New York Times? You bet — it’s the New York Times.

Nice how this sort of thing always evolves into bashing the bloggers. Feel threatened much? Anyway, Jeff defuses all the arguments pretty swiftly by pointing out that people don’t trust newspapers anymore. The “institutional voice” matters less when nobody likes the institution.

So it’s time to change or die, and there seems to be a lot of resistance to change.

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