October 5, 2006


Lisa Williams is giving a sneak peek of placeblogger.com, the new site that will be acting as a directory and aggegrator for place blogs all across the U.S. Place blogs are local interest blogs, covering and talking about what’s going on in a community. And she says she’s found 700 of them so far, although she’s shooting for 1,000.

Placeblogger.com was supposed to have launched last month, but I guess the project grew a little bit out of control, since now she’s saying it won’t launch until later this year. And the HTML is screwed up in part of the post, so until it gets fixed, here’s what’s missing:

Programming is being done by the folks at Bryght.com, and the design is a creation of Andrew DeVigal. I’ll be writing a blog on the site chronicling the drive toward an annotated world – picking out great examples of citizen coverage, innovative approaches to stories and new technology for online communities. The site will launch later this year.

I can’t wait! Especially since Around Carson is supposed to be one of the 700 on there.

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