October 5, 2006

Survivor 13×03: Flirting And Frustration

I guess I never wrote anything about last week’s episode of Survivor. I must have just been too bummed out about Cecilia getting booted off. Here you have a girl that doesn’t fit into the normal Survivor mold of a walking skeleton with big eyes and big teeth (I’m looking at you, Eliza. And Janu. And Danielle). A girl who’s actually for real good-looking, and who also seems mature, and intelligent, and… Okay, so I can see why she didn’t fit in on the show. How’d she ever slip through the casting process? We hardly ever saw her on screen anyway. For a while I thought she might be getting the flying-under-the-radar edit, and they’d show more of her as the season went on. But no, they were giving her the this-girl-is-toast-so-let’s-not-waste-our-time-showing-her edit. Too bad.

Anyway, the other big news in last week’s episode was that the Race Wars are over and everyone got “integrated” into two tribes. Wow, they let their big gimmick last all the way until the third episode…they really are slipping. Last year when they underwhelmed us with the “big twist” of young men/old women, they stopped it five minutes into the second episode, just when it was in danger of getting interesting. This year they let the Race Wars get even closer to the point where it would have been compelling TV. Luckily for us, they orchestrated one of the most Rube-Goldbergesque merges ever, and quickly got us back to the same old boring two-tribe game we all know. Thank goodness, we wouldn’t want Survivor to start getting interesting, would we?

Only two hours until the new episode!

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