October 7, 2006

Postcards From Mars

The Bad Astronomer points out some pretty cool pictures that are being taken by the new Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and its high-res camera. This is a crater on Mars, but it’s not just any crater. Poised right at the ledge in the upper left is the Mars Rover “Opportunity”. And you can actually see it in the photo if you zoom in close enough.

So not only are we sending robots to Mars, we’re also sending satellites that are powerful enough to take pictures of those robots.

Looks like Google Mars will have to update their imagery soon.

Now they’ve just got to point that camera at the “Face” on Mars and convince everybody that it really is just a big rock. The Mars Express orbiter took hi-res pictures of it not too long ago (and the Bad Astronomer was all over that too), but the camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is even better.

Not that anyone will believe the pictures when they come out, anyway. Because you know NASA is covering up what the Face really is and doctoring every image they release.

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