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October 16, 2006

The Amazing Race 10×05: I Covered His Mouth, Oh My Gosh!

My recap of the latest Amazing Race episode is now up.

Sarah, surprisingly, doesn’t wrap the rubber band around his neck, but instead waits until later to chew him out. And chew him out she does. “We’re a team and we have to work together. This isn’t just about you,” she says, and tops it off with, “I’m not really having fun with you.” Peter’s not getting it. He’s sitting there stuffing his face with some damn cookies or something, looking everywhere but directly at Sarah, and brushing off every one of her complaints by saying, “I like the way I am.” I guess that’s the white guy way of saying “I’m just keeping it real.” And it has the same meaning: I know I’m an asshole and I don’t care, and you need to accept it because it’s the real me. It’s one thing to be an ass, and it’s another thing to be unrepentant about being an ass, but there’s a third level here, and that’s Peter being proud of the fact that he’s an ass. We fade to commercial with the kind of slow-motion dramatics that normally indicate a team thinks they’re in a hopeless situation and losing as far as the race is concerned. But here it’s used to indicate that Sarah is in a hopeless situation and losing as far as her life is concerned, which is infinitely sadder.

Go read it all.

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