November 2, 2006

Windows Vista Release Date

I haven’t been writing much about Windows Vista lately, just because there’s been so much to write about, and so many other sites are doing it better that I could ever hope to. I’ve just been tooling along silently, downloading and installing betas and release candidates, and getting familiar with the system and how it’s going to work. The one thing that has put off some of my excitement was the news that Product Activation will now be required even for volume license versions of Windows, and I hate that. I bought the volume license of Windows XP specifically because there was no Product Activation. Now it’s going to have it, and that raises tons and tons of questions in my mind, mostly about transferring licenses back and forth between all the new computers I’m buying here at work and the old ones I’m taking out of service. Sounds like it’s just going to make my job harder, and for no benefit. Fartknockers.

But anyway, the biggest news surrounding Vista is the one we’ve been waiting five years for. We have a release date! Well, a release date for the business edition, anyway, the volume license that I just talked about. There will be a launch/press conference on November 30th kicking off the release of Windows Vista, and after that Vista (which started out as Longhorn, if you’ll remember) will finally be available for purchase. If you’re a business user, at least. Home users will still have to wait for the official public launch in January.

I’m excited about Vista coming out, and if I can get all that Product Activation garbage sorted out I’ll probably be ordering a few copies for the office in the first week or two. My own computer will be the first guinea pig, of course, and then I’ll begin the slow process of upgrading and training everybody. It seems like I just had to do that with Windows XP around the office here, but it was really three years ago. And the XP upgrades went smoothly, so I’m hoping the same will be true for Vista. There’s just a lot of testing left to do. A lot.

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  1. Kalrac says:

    And you’re free to come up and camp out on my patio if you want to spend a few days voicing any complaints to Microsoft by standing along the road waving nasty signs at employees. The southwest corner of the intersection of 156th and 40th is probably the best place, since 80% of the people working there make a right turn around that corner, and it’s the most publically-owned of the four corners (Metro’s Overlake Transit Center), so when they try to haul you away, you can start screaming about the First Amendment and all that stuff. (Two of the others are MS territory, so they’re likely to haul you away and throw you in the same dungeon where they threw Microsoft Bob. The last corner is an apartment complex, where you’d just be annoying people all day.)
    The same offer stands if you’d like to complain to Nintendo about their amazingly moronic decision to name their next system after urine. It’s only a five/ten minute walk between them so you could hit both in the same hour.

    Posted November 3, 2006 @ 7:44 am

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