November 9, 2006

Charles Phoenix’ Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles

If you don’t know Charles Phoenix, go read his bio. He’s an entertainer in Los Angeles who collects old vintage slides from the 40s through the 70s, and uses them to put on hilarious slideshows. He’s also published books of slides, and he has a “slide of the week” on his website.

But in the last few years he’s added something new to his repertoire: tour guide. A few times a year he loads up a school bus full of folks and takes them on what he calls the “Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles.” He travels around LA, pointing out the parallels between the largest city in the west and the Happiest Place on Earth. Union Station represents the Main Street train station. Chinatown is Adventureland, and Clifton’s Cafeteria stands in for both Frontierland and Bear Country.

Most of us reading this site are never going to be able to go on the tour. So that’s why it’s great that someone has put together this fifteen-minute video with all the tour’s highlights. Pop some popcorn, kick back, and watch it.

Does it make you want to go too?

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