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November 17, 2006

Bellevue Crane Collapse

A 200-foot crane toppled in Bellevue, WA, last night, just one block away from where my brother works. It fell away from his building, at least. But it did crush one office building, damage another, and come crashing through the roof of an apartment building across the street. One man in the apartment was killed, but the crane operator (who rode the crane down the whole way) survived with minor injuries.

My brother sent me a few pictures he took this morning. Look at what’s left of that office building! It’s lucky the crane fell over at night, I guess.





Update: Here’s a before picture of the crane from Flickr. In the lower left is the office building that got crushed.

Cranes of Bellevue

The Amazing Race Asia BitTorrent Files

Look out, there’s a new Amazing Race in town. And a new Phil to go along with it! The Amazing Race has been spun off into an Asian edition, featuring 10 teams of two from various Asian countries racing around for the chance to win $100,000. Yeah, they’re not going around the world, and the prize isn’t a million dollars, but it’s still a good show that captures a lot of the spirit of the original American version. I’ve already written a review of it for And since I’ve carved out my niche as being the place to turn to to download Amazing Race episodes, it would just be silly for me to ignore this new show.

So here are the download links for The Amazing Race Asia. You’ll need to install a copy of BitTorrent, or some other torrent client to download the shows. And I’m not responsible for making sure the trackers stay alive, so don’t write me with any tech support questions!

Some of these torrents only seem to work with certain client programs. I’ve had luck with uTorrent.

Episode 1, aired 2006-11-09

Episode 2, aired 2006-11-16

Episode 3, aired 2006-11-23

Episode 4, aired 2006-11-30

Episode 5, aired 2006-12-07

Episode 6, aired 2006-12-14

Episode 7, aired 2006-12-21

Episode 8, aired 2006-12-28

Episode 9, aired 2007-01-04

Episode 10, aired 2007-01-11

Episode 11, aired 2007-01-18

Episode 12, aired 2007-01-25

Episode 13, aired 2007-02-01

And don’t worry, it’s in English.