November 19, 2006

Take The Plunge

It’s a little scary, but I did it. Today at work I upgraded my main computer, the one I’m constantly using when I’m at the office, to Windows Vista.

I’ve been fiddling with the betas for what seems like the entire year now, and for the last couple of months I’ve had a Vista computer parked full time on the workbench behind me. But now that the final release is out, it was time to go for it. As a reward for my bravery, I also treated myself to a Core 2 Duo computer so that at least Vista had a lot of horsepower to prop itself up.

I’ve gotta say that Vista is a slick little OS. Not a terrible lot of difference from Windows XP, which is good because you don’t want the learning curve to be huge. But there’s a lot of eye candy and enough little enhancements to keep things interesting. And there are some small tweaks that make a world of difference. Like when you’re copying an entire folder from one place to another, and there’s one file in there that’s locked by some other program? In Windows XP it would copy half the files, then choke on that one and throw up an error message. Then you’d have to go back and copy the other half of the files manually, spending time figuring out which files did and didn’t get copied the first time. In Vista, when it hits that locked file it throws up a simple window that lets you skip the file. I wanted to kiss the monitor the first time I saw that. And then it finishes the copy procedure like nothing ever happened. That one feature right there (actually, it can hardly be called a “feature”) was probably just a few lines of code, but it could save hours when you’re copying large amounts of files.

So Vista’s not perfect, and the one program I’ve found that doesn’t run on it is the program I use to enter my timesheet. So I still have to keep Windows XP around for one or two things. But now XP is going to be on the workbench behind me. I think this upgrade is going to be permanent, and I’m not going to look back. Just like I never looked back at Windows 98 or 95 when I moved away from them.

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