November 25, 2006

Amazing Race All-Stars

It’s official, The Amazing Race All-Stars has finally become reality. This is one of those things that has been rumored for years, and in equal parts anticipated and dreaded. All Stars versions of these shows can be a wreck sometimes, and can prevent a lot of new people from being on the show in favor of a bunch of has-beens. But with the lackluster casting we’ve been having on the Race lately, it might actually be refreshingly welcome to see some old faces back.

CBS has confirmed only that the Race is happening, not who is going to be on it. I guess the Race is actually being run right now, so that’s the kind of thing they like to keep quiet until we’re closer to the premiere date. And they don’t want this news to overshadow the current Amazing Race, which is slowly limping to the finish line as we speak. So all we’re left with is speculation and airport sightings to get our casting news from. The spoiler threads at TWoP and RFF have said that Rob and Amber pretty much positively confirmed as being in the race, along with Team Guido and Charla and Mirna. Plus, just about every name who was ever on the Race has been mentioned that they’re “on the show for sure,” so it’s tough to really say who’s going to be running this Race until January or February when the official list comes out.

So hopefully this will re-energize the Amazing Race. I’ve been watching it lately because I love the show, but not because I love the people on it. During the first few seasons it was just as much about enjoying the people on the show as the show itself, so maybe if we bring some of these people back some of that magic will come back

And if Kevin and Drew aren’t on it, I’m not watching.

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  1. lady di says:

    to the producers of the all stars amazing race just wanted you to know that i refused to watch this reality show when i found out that rob and amber where going to be their i love reality t v but will not watch any of them if i hear that rob and amber are going to on the.
    i think that rob is the most disgusting person on the face of the earth , my family and i think that the only reason that he married amber in the first place was that his greed for the money was his intention and that he didnt care how he got it if it ment marrying into it or what , but i guess we will see how that plays out in the future , cause i am sure that if they seperate , the t v producers will see a reason to make a new show about their divorce to get the public’s attention once again .
    well i got news for them they will be wasting their money cause we all have had enough of rob and amber.i purposely didnt watch the show until i knew that they where eliminated

    Posted April 8, 2007 @ 6:42 am

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