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December 4, 2006

Filling In the Gaps

One thing that good placeblogs can do is fill in the gaps that other reporting media leave behind. On Thanksgiving night, a 70+ year old mansion in the heart of Reno burned down. It was a compelling story, a former women’s shelter that had been sold just this year, the house was being remodeled and renovated room by room. The new owners had just celebrated their first Thanksgiving there, and after they left for the night a fire broke out and engulfed everything. A year’s worth of work, plus 30 years as a shelter and 40 years of history before that, were erased in a couple of hours. It was enough to warrant two stories in the Reno Gazette Journal, but then they moved on to fresher stories, leaving the mansion behind and forgotten.

Until Mr. Jerz came along with his video camera, and created an online eulogy for the building.

This is probably more lasting than anything the paper did.