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December 29, 2006

Folsom Zoo

Since we’re spending a few days over in the Sacramento Valley, we’ve been looking for things to do that we haven’t done before. This is tougher than it sounds; turns out there’s not a lot to do here. But we’ve found a few. Wednesday we went to the California State Railroad Museum, and on Thursday we hit up the Folsom Zoo. It’s a nice little place, just a few acres in size but jam packed with plenty of animals.

Plus, right outside the zoo, there’s a little miniature railway you can ride around the park. Sam enjoyed the train ride most of all. In fact, the whole time we were in the zoo, he could hear the whistle, and was paying more attention to the train than the animals!

Anyway, here are a few pictures.

2006-12-28 001

2006-12-28 091

2006-12-28 162

2006-12-28 221

2006-12-28 277

And here’s more on Flickr.