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January 16, 2007

The Apprentice LA Episode 2: Trump’s Gay Panic

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Somebody at Mark Burnett Productions must really hate Donald Trump. Okay, my thesis is actually that everyone at Mark Burnett Productions hates Donald Trump, and this entire show is a years-long practical joke on the man. But specifically, the folks in the casting department have noticed that any mention of homosexuality on the show sends Trump into some weird kind of gay panic, and they’ve started milking it for all its worth. I think they realized this right about the fourth season, when Clay came out in the Boardroom, and Donald Trump, god bless his twisted little heart, said “That’s why they have menus in restaurants, you know? I like steak, somebody else likes spaghetti.” And ever since then, the casting department has been consistently trying to blow his mind just to see how badly he loses it, kind of like a psychological experiment. Not that any gay person is ever going to win this show – the closest we came was last season with Sean, who was an admitted “metrosexual”, and even for that Trump needed a binder full of diagrams and an after-school special starring Christopher Lowell to make sense of it.

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