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February 20, 2007

The Lines Simon Has to Draw

This has been cross-posted from my new TV blog, (tentatively) titled On The Air. Go check it out, but be warned that everything you see there can and probably will change in the weeks to come.

Jacob at Television Without Pity is on fire this week with his American Idol recaps. And with this passage in particular, explaining why Simon has to be “mean”:

The fact is that if you, an Idol hopeful, have no business being there, he has no business making you feel like you do. That’s counterproductive for you both, and we’re talking about a business. Not a daycare center for people who think they’re professional enough to suffer rejection, yet are not. I don’t understand holding other people responsible for your lack of talent, or your lack of professionalism, or the fact that appearance does matter, or any of the things that piss people off about the lines Simon has to draw. If you’re not the package, you aren’t expected to know it: that’s for everybody else to tell you. And the highest echelon of those people are guys like Simon, and they’re really good at their jobs, and they don’t actually care if you’re happy or not, or if you live or die, because that’s not the point of any business.

Awesome. Kick-ass. Awesomely kick-ass. Go read all of it, in two parts.