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February 24, 2007

The Apprentice LA Episode 6: Que?

My latest recap of The Apprentice is now up both at and my new blog, On The Air.

I think Surya is one of those guys who spent so much time in business school, and breathed in so many of the spores, that now he doesn’t realize that there’s a real world out there. He thinks that we’re all just living in some kind of computer simulation and he’s still being testing for his MBA, and so if he becomes a living breathing textbook and parrots back phrases like “revenue maximization” and “strategy-led brainstorming” that he’ll get some kind of prize. It’s a Pavlovian response to the heightened situation he’s in, like he believes that just because he’s on a television show that’s called “The Apprentice”, and just because that show has been labeled “Survivor in the business world”, that anything and everything he does actually has something to do with what he learned in school. And what he learned in school, like most of us, was to memorize the textbook and regurgitate it during finals. So that’s why this constant crap is always spewing out of his mouth, because he’s actually bought into the fiction of the show, and he thinks The Apprentice is a show about business skills, the same way some people get confused and actually think American Idol is a signing competition. None of these things are, in fact, true, so Surya is hopelessly behind the curve here.

He’s in good company, though, because you know who else has bought into the fiction of the show? Donald Trump. So maybe this will work out for Surya in the end.

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