March 4, 2007

Start Practicing The Piano Again

If you thought the “couch potato” phenomenon is something that came about with with the proliferation of television, you’re off by about thirty years. It was actually much sooner. Dave Winer puts the pieces together:

There was a pivotal, electrifying moment in the story, an interview with Helen Kelley, who was around when radio was new. She said there came a point soon after she started listening to radio when she realized she could stop practicing the piano, because she “didn’t have to make her own music anymore.”

Now this is the movement that’s being undone with the internet. Now we’re going back to being a society of creators, of producers, of what Doc Searls talks about as “the demand side supplying itself.” Blogging and podcasting and using Flickr can be seen as the equivalent of learning how to play piano; you’re doing it yourself, not waiting for others to do it for you. The younger generations write as much as they read when they’re online, if not more. And all the old farts sneer around about how it’s unprofessional and pointless, and call it “narcissistic,” but that’s because they’re part of the culture that’s going away, the culture where one person creates something and the whole world lines up to consume it. They think media has to be mass to be important, and they’re going to learn the hard way, by losing the attention of the people who think they’re full of it, who would rather chat with their friends on MySpace than watch TV.

Playing the piano is making a comeback, if only metaphorically.

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