March 16, 2008

Embracing the Long Tail

Ryan Jerz: Epitomizing the Long Tail

It finally all hit me when I took a look at my analytics recently. I get hits from some obscure things I’ve posted through searches, so I usually look at the link back to the search results to see where I fit in. The biggest example of this is when I wrote about the Angora Fire last Summer. It hit the front page of Google while the fire was still raging and I got hammered by hits from searches. Today, it ranks well considering the other sources that covered it, and hits still come in frequently.

Basically, what prompted this is that I realized I’m probably never going to be a nationally recognized blogger or blog. It was always something I hoped would happen, but I never took much of an interest in the topics that tend to garner that recognition (namely, politics and being a serious sports freak), so I’ll keep doing the things that have worked for me to this point. The changes I referred to in the first part of this post have had a major impact on these new findings. I seem to have figured out how to get some of the more obscure items appear a lot more prominently.

My most popular posts are when I put up technical tips and tricks, or when I post the solution to some obscure error in Windows that I’ve solved. Long ago I realized I’m writing as much for Google as for my regular readers, and you have you learn how to not just be okay with it, but to embrace it.

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