June 5, 2008

Following Me Online

I’m trying something new. Since I’ve spread myself so thin all over the internet, sometimes it’s even hard for me to keep up with everything I’m doing. I post on this blog, I post at Around Carson, I put up pictures at Flickr and the WNHPC. i have a YouTube account, and an Amazon Wishlist, and I put up links on del.icio.us (which are reposted here every day). And that’s not all. There are more blogs, more places that I have an identity. My online life is a mess; isn’t there any way to keep track of it all?

Now there is. There have been several online services coming out over the last few years that are designed to aggregate all your online identities into one place, so today I signed up with one of them. If you go to www.friendfeed.com/scottschrantz, you’ll see all of my stuff brought in and gathered into one place, so you can watch what I’m up to. And if that URL is too much for you to remember, I’ve set up a simple ego domain that will take you right there: www.scottschrantz.com. Everything you ever wanted to know about me can be found there.

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