August 2, 2008

Ryan Jerz in the RGJ

Crossposted from Around Carson.

Reno blogger Ryan Jerz was interviewed by the RGJ for another one of those “Blogs are destroying culture” stories, this time about sports blogs. And at least they managed to work the story so there was a question mark at the end of it — “Are blogs destroying culture?” As usual the answer is “no”, but there are enough creaky old toads out there saying “yes” to let the newspapers pretend that there are two sides to the story.

Jerz gives the only response that needs to be given, that there are crap blogs and there are good ones, just like there are crap newspapers and there are good newspapers, and you can’t let the crap ones bring the good ones down. But the fact that stories like this keep getting written means that we have to keep saying it.

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