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March 10, 2009

Tahoe’s Sternwheelers

Both of Lake Tahoe’s paddlewheel boats were moored at the Zephyr Cove pier on this windy Sunday. The M.S. Dixie II on the left, and the Tahoe Queen on the right.

These two sister ships ply Tahoe’s waters, the Dixie from here at Zephyr Cove, and the Queen from the Ski Run Marina on the California side of the lake. Both of them carry visitors around the lake, usually on a cruise from the pier to Emerald Bay and back.

The Tahoe Queen is the old lady here. She started sailing in 1983. She just celebrated her 25th anniversary season. The M.S. Dixie II is the new kid on the block, hitting Tahoe’s waters in 1994. It replaced an older ship that had been sailing since 1972.

The two boats have been in a rivalry for years, even putting on an annual race to see who can make it to Emerald Bay faster. The rivalry has been dampened in recent years, though, since both boats are now owned by the same company.

M.S. Dixie II

Tahoe Queen

Statue at Zephyr Cove

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