First post

This is the first post of Sammy’s BabyBlog. This is something I should have started a long time ago, but there were too many real world things going on, and I figured that I’d get around to doing it “one day”. Well, we have eight days left until he’s born, so I guess it’s time to get cracking! This site is still pretty ugly. No, I mean really ugly. Like crazy ugly. But it’ll get better. Right now I just need to start writing before it’s too late. So, let’s get this party started!!

This weblog is of, for, and about Samuel Olin Schrantz. He is the newest member of the Schrantz family, so new that he isn’t even an official member yet. His birthdate is planned to be September 18th, 2003. Given that right now we have about half an hour left to go on September 9th, you can wisely deduce that he hasn’t been born yet. Not even born, and he has his own website. Wow. In twenty years he’ll look back at this and say, “A website? How lame.” It would be like my dad telling me I had my own CB handle before I was born, or that they named a roller rink after me.

Anyway, I’ve been chronicling Sam’s gestation so far on my main weblog, but I knew that sooner or later he’d need his own space. So this is where you’ll find him. I have plans to flesh this out into a full-featured online baby book, with pictures, sounds, videos, milestones, and of course a weblog. Time will tell how well I do at that. But at least I have a place to write about the last week of pregnancy, the birth (Caesarean delivery) and the aftermath. A way to record those memories when they’re fresh so they won’t be completely forgotten. A place to sit down and work through what I’m really feeling. And, of course, a place to brag like any new parent. And it might actually get two or three readers!

So, without further ado, here comes Sammy’s BabyBlog!

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