Second Post – Shopping

Okay. Now that I’ve gotten some of the administrative tasks out of the way, where should I start? Today we headed up to Reno, because my mother and Viola’s mother had to attend the “Grandparent’s Class” at Saint Mary’s hospital. This class is supposed to teach the stubborn grandmothers that everything they knew about raising children in the 70’s was wrong, and here’s the right way to do it. It also teaches them the fine art of butting out and letting us raise our own children for ourselves. We have plenty of mistakes to make along the way; we don’t need them telling us how to make them worse.

Anyway, since we were all up there, after the class we went shopping at Babies R Us, hoping to spend the $40 gift certificate we got at the baby shower and perhaps find the perfect little coming home outfit for Sammy. We did both. We not only spent well over our allotted $40, we also found that the outfit, that they previously had only had in size 3–6 month, was finally available in newborn size. This little outfit shows all manner of jungle animals running across the front, as if they’re on their way to meet Sammy coming home from the hospital. We had been waiting for them to get it in a size that would fit him, and we were so relieved that it finally happened.

We also bought way too much other stuff, and spent way too much money. But that’s a story for another day. I’ve got to get to sleep now.

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