Don’t Know How She Does It

T minus two days and counting. In 52 hours we go to the hospital to start the prep work. In 54 hours the knives come out and the Cesarean begins. Viola has done excellent this whole pregnancy. She’s been a champ to beat all champs, and for her to get through this with her cerebral palsy, that’s just unbelievable. There’s a strength there that I could never muster. She was at work up until week 39. She didn’t stop working until last Friday. It’s tough on her; I can see it. It’s hard and getting harder every hour. But she keeps at it.

The fumes from the Kilz I put in the bedroom are too much for her, so she’s sleeping on the floor. She’s in her 40th week, and she’s sleeping on the floor. My mother offered her the guest bed; she turned it down. I told her to sleep on the couch at least, but she wasn’t having it. So we piled up a stack of sleeping bags, and there she is.

I could never do that. I would have taken the guest bed.

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