Getting better

Glory days! The tube is out! The doctor decided that her squiggly areas were finally working the way they should, and so the nurses came in and yanked that tube out of her throat. And I was taking a shower, so I missed it all. I heard voices, and then when I came out, Viola was sitting there sans tube. It’s so great for her. She couldn’t swallow, she could hardly breathe, and she definitely couldn’t eat anything. All she’d had to eat since the surgery was ice chips. But today, soon after they extubated her, they brought her sherbert and hot tea and cranberry juice. They also brought some kind of dark broth, but she deemed it too disgusting for human consumption and banished it to the corner.

So now she only has one foreign instrument entering her body, the IV line. And they say that’s going away soon. And then she’ll be free and clear, not tied down to anything. The eight-inch slit in her belly, and the staples holding it together, are going to be a different story. But we expected those. They weren’t thrust on us at the last second.

Sam is still doing fantastic, as usual. And still sleeping. He was relly fussy yesterday, but he’s chilled out a lot today. He’s happy just to lay back and doze off for a while. He’d rather I didn’t change his diaper, but, you know, can you blame him? He has a fresh circumcision scar down there. He doesn’t want that being exposed to the chilly air.

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