Sammy’s Here!

It’s happened. Sam is here, and we’ve spent two very harried days in the hospital now. Sam was born Thursday morning, the 18th, at 8:18am. And somehow, he turned out perfect. We weren’t expecting to have a baby that was so healthy. We figured that with Viola’s track record, there would at least be something wrong with him. But no, he was fine.

Viola herself is a diferent story. Shortly after the surgery, she had an ileus. Now, I didn’t know what an ileus was until the other day, but it’s nasty stuff. You see, all people who have abdominal surgery have a condition where their intestines stop working because of the shock of the surgery. Usually the muscles start flexing again and everything turns out fine after just few minutes. Viola didn’t quite spring back so well. Her intestines stayed inactive, a huge gas bubble formed, and she was pronounced with an ileus. They put a tube down her throat to keep things drained, and prescribed bed rest until her insides started flowing again. As of right now, 50 hours after the surgery, she still has the tube. But the nurses are optimistic! Now we just have to wait for the doctor to give her the greenlight, and drag that tube out of there.

Sammy doesn’t seem to mind that his mommy is in this condition. Right now he’s still a little upset to be on the outside, and he wants back in where it was comfortable and warm. He’s getting used to us, though. He’s sleeping a lot and not crying too much. His favorite place to sleep, of course, is on his mommy’s stomach. I guess he doesn’t have a choice but to get used to it all. Too late to turn back now!

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