Parenting Tip of the Day

Thrush may look like a coating of milk on the tongue, but it’s really a fungus. It grows mostly on the tongue, and maybe on the sides and roof of the mouth. Don’t count on it going away on its own. The best thing to do is have to doctor prescribe a little Nystatin. In less than a week, it’s usually gone.

No pictures

No pictures lately, sorry. I’ve been too busy caring for the little rugrat to take photos of him. Soon, though.

Happy 11 weeks, Sammy!

Picture of the day

Okay, guys? Mom, Dad? Let’s have a little talk here. Yeah, sit down and pour yourself a tall beverage. Now, you know all those cutesy outfits you’ve been putting me in and parading me all over town? Yeah, that’s gotta stop. I appreciate the effort, y’know, but I’ve got a reputation here. A little teddy bear or dinosaur here and there are fine, but let’s stay away from the big themed outfits, m’kay? Do we understand each other? Good. Now I’m going out. Don’t wait up.