Sammy’s Big Day

March 18th was Sammy’s six-month birthday. And we couldn’t just spend the day sitting around the house like we normally do, so we took him on a big adventure. It was his first trip up to Lake Tahoe, to see the lake and the snow and all the people. It would also be his first time going to the beach, and his first time dipping his toes in the sand. So much excitement for a little baby!

Grandma and Grandpa were here visiting, so we all piled in the car and set out for Sammy’s big day out. Click through for more.

During March it’s still winter up at Tahoe. And winter means snow, and snow means that our plan to dip Sammy’s toes in the sand for the first time hit a couple of roadblocks. A beach of white instead of brown, for one.

Tahoe’s beaches in March.

But we were undeterred. We pressed on through the snow, and finally discovered the three foot strip of sand between the water and the white stuff. We had met with success.

There really is sand here!

It turned out Sam was more interested in watching the waves crash into the shore than he was in playing with the sand. Oh well. A beach is a beach, no matter what you do on it.

Next we trudged along the beach and went out on the pier. Sammy has never seen so much water before. Too bad it’s about a degree and a half above freezing. Just wait until we take him to a real California beach, one where he can actually go swimming, and you don’t have to traipse through the snow to get there.

Sammy on the pier.

Back in the car, Sammy plays with his Tigger(s) while Mommy enjoys a product-placed beverage.

How about a nice refreshing Dad’s?

We then took Sammy to the new Heavenly Village, right down the street from the South Lake casinos. This land, right on the opposite side of the state line from the casinos, used to be littered with a haphazard jumble of cheap motels, restaurants, and liquor stores. Heavenly Ski Resort bought it all, tore it all down, and turned it into an upscale hotel/outdoor mall. And they built this four-person gondola that whisks skiers and tourists straight up the face of the mountain to the skiing area on the other side of the ridge. A full-day lift ticket to Heavenly is $62. Just to ride the gondola round-trip for sightseeing is $20. That’s how they were able to afford to build all this.

The gondola at Heavenly.

Instead of going up the mountain, we opted to sit underneath the gondola and eat ice cream. Yes it was a cold day, probably too cold for ice cream. The ice cream was just that good. It was so good that we decided to let Sammy have his very first taste of ice cream.

Trying the ice cream.

Let’s just say it was a hit.

Loving it!

He was very upset when we told him he couldn’t have any more. He had to complain about that for a while.

Sammy looks around.

Mommy and Sammy in his stroller tooling around Heavenly Village.

Marriott built two hotels at the base of the gondola, to replace the dingly little motels that were torn down. This is the pool at the Marriott Grand Residence Club. The fact that everyone’s crowded around the hot tub makes me think the pool’s still a little chilly.

Go for a dip?

At the end of a big day, Sammy had had it. He finished his first six months in the world sleeping comfortably in the back seat.

Night night.

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