Picture of the day

Sammy’s such a big boy. He’s crawling all over the place now. Well, it’s not so much crawling as it is dragging—his arms do all the work while his legs just kick at the air. But the important point is that he can get around on his own now. And get around he does—usually into the dark corners of the room. He’s especially attracted to the brick hearth and the live electrical wires.

So now that he can get around on his own, does that mean things will be easier or harder for us?

2 Replies to “Picture of the day”

  1. You’d better baby proof the house now! He’s going to find trouble before you even know there’s a problem.

  2. oh definite MORE work 🙂 just remember all the trouble YOU were as a child 🙂
    Yes i agree with mama schrantz, he will find things you did not know existed.

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