Sammy’s 4th Birthday

On Sammy’s birthday, he got to open plenty of presents!

2007-09-18 001

2007-09-18 024

2007-09-18 032

2007-09-18 057
I think his favorite present was this giant Rocket he got from Grandma and Grandpa.

2007-09-18 064
But he also got an art easel,

2007-09-18 078
And fingerpainting supplies.

2007-09-18 092
Sammy and Rocket went out to dinner with KiKi.

2007-09-18 099
All of a sudden, all these people showed up and started singing “Happy Birthday!”

2007-09-18 098
Sammy looooves attention.

2007-09-18 103
You know what else he loves? Chocolate cake.

2007-09-18 106

2007-09-18 122
And on the drive home, he got to talk to Grandma and Grandpa on the phone and tell them all about his big day.

More pictures from his birthday.

Pantsless Sam

“Did you take your pants off because it’s easier to go potty?” we asked Sam.

“No,” he replied distractedly. “Because it’s easier to watch TV.”

2007-09-10 053

2007-09-10 055