The Professional

Hello, my name is Sammy…

2008-04-08 040

I enjoy taking pictures…

2008-04-08 021

Of trees…

2008-04-08 030


2008-04-08 005

Newspaper boxes…

2008-04-08 025

And… sometimes I like to play with posts that have holes in them.

2008-04-08 031

Why? Because my name is Sammy… that’s why!

What do you think of my work?

Sammy PictureSammy PictureSammy PictureSammy PictureSammy PictureSammy Picture

THAT Kid….

Sammy became that kid with the band aide on his chin… You know what I’m talking about – there’s always a kid with the big bright “look at me” band aide on his/her chin. Being the social sensitive mother that I am, I wouldn’t let him leave the house with Diego stuck to his chin! It served it’s purpose at home.


Yay! Grandma sent a box! Who cares what was in the box! All that matters is that the Boyz can fit into the box and have hours of box fun! What a great Grandmother – sending the perfect gifts!

2008-04-04 056