The Professional

Hello, my name is Sammy…

2008-04-08 040

I enjoy taking pictures…

2008-04-08 021

Of trees…

2008-04-08 030


2008-04-08 005

Newspaper boxes…

2008-04-08 025

And… sometimes I like to play with posts that have holes in them.

2008-04-08 031

Why? Because my name is Sammy… that’s why!

What do you think of my work?

Sammy PictureSammy PictureSammy PictureSammy PictureSammy PictureSammy Picture

3 Replies to “The Professional”

  1. Greempa really likes your pictures too, Sam. Be sure to take a lot more pictures so I can see them on my computer.

  2. Love your pictures Sammy!! Thanks for sharing them with me. Hope to see more soon. Love Ya,
    Uncle Bill

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