Sammy’s Last Day of School – For the Summer!

Sammy and Friends

We decided to pull Samma out of school for the summer. He really enjoys going to school, but everyone needs a break – right? I didn’t want to be at home all day and have Sam feel like he wasn’t special enough to be at home spending time with his mommy and baby brother. His school had a last day/Father’s Day party and so Scott went with camera in hand to capture a few precious moments of Sam with his friends…

Sammy and Friends

Sammy and the girls – Or as Sammy calls them,
“My girls.”

Sammy and Miss Jamy

Sammy tells his teacher,
“You stand over there and I’ll stand over here.”

Sammy and Friends


Sammy enjoyed some watermelon!

London Bridge is Falling Down

Playing a few more games before it’s time to leave – for the summer!


Sammy sits and reminisces about the year’s events. How much he’s grown as a person and how much he’s learned… How many friends and good memories he has and how next year will be even better… But, most of all Sammy sits there and thinks, “Wow, this is the best watermelon I have ever had!”