Sam Goes to Laguna to Catch a Wave!


Sammy and his brother hit the beach in matching outfits!




Daddy had to hold on because the undertow would have taken Sam all the way out to Catalina!

2008-07-09 156


It was daddy and Sammy in the water – too cold for mommy!


Sammy loved the beach, the ocean, and the waves –
but the little fella was kinda freaked out by the undertow.

Mr. America Goes to the Hospital….

The Paparazzi caught Mr. America on his way to visit his Grammy in the hospital – where she had been since last Monday. The doctors reported that Grammy America was released and is now resting comfortably at her Carson City home.

2008-07-26 021

Mr. America eats Subway! An awesome endorsement for them!

2008-07-26 026

Mr. America showed off some of his cool moves as the cameras snapped away!
It’s not every day Mr. America shows off for the Paparazzi!

2008-07-26 083

You can see Mr. America’s Grammy there in the background watching her grandson.
There was speculation this might all be a stunt for his next movie.

2008-07-26 098

Mr. America’s close-ups are as popular as Matthew McConaughey’s bear chest!
Magazines pay top dollar for these shots… I know we did!

*I love you* (sign) Mr American

As Mr. America drove away from the hospital he flashed the cameras an “I love you” sign
to show he really is just a great guy who loves his public.
Awwww, we love you too Mr. America!