Mr. America Goes to the Hospital….

The Paparazzi caught Mr. America on his way to visit his Grammy in the hospital – where she had been since last Monday. The doctors reported that Grammy America was released and is now resting comfortably at her Carson City home.

2008-07-26 021

Mr. America eats Subway! An awesome endorsement for them!

2008-07-26 026

Mr. America showed off some of his cool moves as the cameras snapped away!
It’s not every day Mr. America shows off for the Paparazzi!

2008-07-26 083

You can see Mr. America’s Grammy there in the background watching her grandson.
There was speculation this might all be a stunt for his next movie.

2008-07-26 098

Mr. America’s close-ups are as popular as Matthew McConaughey’s bear chest!
Magazines pay top dollar for these shots… I know we did!

*I love you* (sign) Mr American

As Mr. America drove away from the hospital he flashed the cameras an “I love you” sign
to show he really is just a great guy who loves his public.
Awwww, we love you too Mr. America!

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