Big boy Sammy had a big boy school project! Sammy was able to pick the amphibian of his choice – and Sammy picked the Newt to do his report on. We took a long time to get it done – due to life’s insanity. Although, he is starting first grade next year and we are going to have to focus on him and his school work. No more life’s insanities getting in the way! Sammy is learning big words like “Carnivores” and “Regenerate” and “Metamorphosis.” He’s learning that newts are salamanders and that they are born (hatched) in the water and then return to the water as adults… That humans are the newts worst enemy because we insist on polluting the planet! Interesting stuff! I hope he had fun making the poster and learning all the newt information!

Sammy and his poster.

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