First and Last…

Sammy First and Last

Sammy started Montessori school in Minden when he was two-years-old. He went into Miss Kim’s baby room and really liked it! Sadly Miss Kim quit for bigger and better things, and Miss Angela took over as the baby room leader. We took Sammy out of school for all my regular school vacations and when he returned as a three-year-old he got to go into the big kid room with Miss Kathy. That year was really tough on little Sammy as potty training was almost being forced on him, Sammy had to have surgery to take out his tonsils and adenoids and put tubes in his ears and we were pregnant with Jack! I took Sammy out of school and after he had healed from surgery we decided to try another preschool in Carson where we hoped the environment would not be as stressful… we were wrong! There were bullies and the director was not going to do anything about it (blaming Sam for being bullied!) – so we pulled him out of that school and kept him home for the summer. When it was time to go back to school I called up Montessori and enrolled him back in there requesting a different room and different teachers. He got in to Miss Jamy’s room and liked being back to Montessori. Sammy started out having problems with making friends and playing with other kids, but we watched him and worked with him and by the end of the year Sammy had many friends (mostly girls) and we figured out that Sammy is a math brain. It was also the end of preschool and Sammy was getting ready to enter Kindergarten and Miss Jamy promised Sammy would be in her class again. When Sammy started his last year at Montessori Miss Jamy was out on maternity leave and we were worried that Sammy would regress and not do well, but it turned out Sammy was totally okay with it. Although, when Jamy did return everything got a lot better! Sammy’s favorite part about school (everyday we asked what his favorite part of school was that day) were the “jobs” (school work). Going out to play, at one point, was annoying for him because he only wanted to do jobs. By the end of the year Sammy enjoyed everything about school! Sammy had some really tough issues and Jamy was amazing helping us figure out how to best deal with Sammy and help him move in the right direction. The last day of school was spent at Fuji park in Carson with a pizza party! It was a nice end to a major milestone in our little Sammy’s life. Now on to first grade…. *scream*

Sammy’s Last T-Ball Game

It seems like time goes by so fast. Today Sammy played his last game of T-Ball for the 2009 season. Hard to believe it’s been since March that he’s been playing. After the game the whole team headed over to the Pizza Barn for lunch and the handing out of trophies.

Sammy at Bat
Sammy’s last time at bat. Sadly they got him out at first base.

Sammy in the Field
Looking busy in the outfield.

Good Game. Good Game. Good Game. Good Game. Good Game.
Good game. Good game. Good game. Good game. Good game. Good game.

Sammy's Timber Rattlers
The lineup for photos after the game.

Sammy's Timber Rattlers
Timber Rattlers, all together for the last time.

Pizza Barn
The Pizza Barn

Sammy's T-Ball Party
Pizza Party!

Sammy and his T-Ball Coach
Sammy receives his trophy from Coach Greg.

Sammy and his T-Ball Trophy
Sammy and his trophy.

Sammy's T-Ball Trophy
Timber Rattlers 2009

Sammy and his T-Ball Trophy
Good season, Sammy!

Sammy Certificate


Big boy Sammy had a big boy school project! Sammy was able to pick the amphibian of his choice – and Sammy picked the Newt to do his report on. We took a long time to get it done – due to life’s insanity. Although, he is starting first grade next year and we are going to have to focus on him and his school work. No more life’s insanities getting in the way! Sammy is learning big words like “Carnivores” and “Regenerate” and “Metamorphosis.” He’s learning that newts are salamanders and that they are born (hatched) in the water and then return to the water as adults… That humans are the newts worst enemy because we insist on polluting the planet! Interesting stuff! I hope he had fun making the poster and learning all the newt information!

Sammy and his poster.

T-Ball Picture Day

Sam has started T-Ball. His team is the Timber Rattlers, and he has the full outfit.

He likes sitting in the stands watching the big boys play.

Sammy at Bat
But when he’s at bat it’s all business.

Sammy Gets His Portrait Taken
It’s time to get his picture taken.

Sammy Gets His Portrait Taken
Show the photographer that home-run stance.

Team Photo
The whole team gets together for a team photo.


Timber Rattlers!!
Timber Rattlers!!

Sammy’s New Do!

Sammy has great hair! Full and thick and beautifully blond!!! I love Sammy’s hair!

2009-01-06 292

Then Sammy decided to wrap gum around his head! He tried to get out the stuck gum by himself…. “I used big people scissors!”

2009-01-28 009

Emergency trip to Tara – our hair lady – left Sam just about bald…

2009-01-28 024

Still adorable though!!!!

Thomas Stage Show

Last weekend I took Sammy to see the Thomas and Friends stage show in Reno. He was so excited about going, and about being there, and spent the whole show bouncing up and down in his seat.

Ta Da!

Thomas Stage Show

Thomas Stage Show

Thomas Stage Show

Thomas Stage Show

Thomas Stage Show

Thomas Stage Show