Carson City, Nevada

Carson City — my home for the last eighteen years, and counting. The town started out as little more than a frontier outpost in the 1850's, but after silver was found in Virginia City’s Comstock Lode, only ten miles away, it became a hub of activity and was picked to be the capital of the new state of Nevada.

Fast forward 140 years or so. Carson now has a population over 50,000 people, large enough to bring a whole raft of national chains. Target, Best Buy, Costco and even an In-N-Out Burger. We’re a world-class city now!

This part of the site is home to all the little photo galleries and other Carson City information I’ve put together. Hopefully it can be a fun little resource for people interested in learning more about the town.

What’s Here?

I’ve also got some pictures from around town to fill the space here. Enjoy!