February 7, 2002

Getting my start

I guess I do need to divulge that it was Chris Taylor’s Time magazine article that is responsible for my experimentations here. But no, I’m not some wide-eyed newbie that read an article in a magazine and decided to give this Internet thing a try. Chris’ article was kind of just the nudge that pushed me over the edge. Blogging really seems to be coming out of the shadows, first with Geoff Nunberg’s piece on NPR’s Fresh Air, then John C. Dvorak’s article last week, and now the article in Time. I had been thinking about blogging…but what to use? Dave Winer’s Radio 8 just came out, and that’s one choice. Blogger was one of the first to make a big splash, and I always hear about Greymatter and Moveable Type, and I have plenty of experience with ASP/Database programming, so I could have just built my own. It was never a priority, though, since I figured I’d get it up and have nothing to write about.

Then came Chris’ article, and it go me thinking again. And I realized that I had heard so much about all these tools, but I had never actually used one of them. The article made Blogger sound pretty easy, and it didn’t mean actually setting much up myself. So, here I am. The new resident of BloggerLand. Now, to overcome the 24/7 writer’s block that I call my life.

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