February 7, 2002

New Beginning

Well, I’m actually trying it. For quite a while now I’ve been watching the whirlpool of “blogging” from the sidelines, wondering if I’d ever get any good stuff in my head to post myself. Now, I’m not about to admit that I’m turning into a writer yet. But, I have gotten severely curious with everybody talking about Blogger, so here I am, trying to figure out just how the whole process goes.
Am I expecting anyone to really read this? No. I’ve been reading blogs long enough to know that you’ve got to post like every day to get any serious attention. It’s like brushing your teeth; go write in your blog after every meal. Beside, I read the heavyweights, like Doc, Dave Winer, Zeldman. Who am I to compete with them? They’re writers. They write for the fun of it, not because it’s their job, not because it’s on a computer or about computers, but just because they’re writers and that’s what writers do. Well, that’s not me. I used to think I was a writer, when I was younger, but then I got old enough to actually read some of my own stuff, and I realized I was getting worse, not better. So, this little page isn’t going to make any big waves.

But, I’ve had this website for half a year, and it’s time I do something with it. Besides acting as a front-end for my piddling little non-business (total clients: 0). So, I get to see what Blogger’s all about, I get to maybe get a little inspiration and reason to write, and, most importantly, I get to run up and down the halls yelling “I have a blog!”


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  1. Carmen Tourney says:

    I can identify! I now have a blog too – as of two days ago. Even if I am responding SEVERAL years after you started I think this gives us something in common. LOL.

    I would appreciate hearing from you as I clicked on your blog from the blogger archives of Jan 2003 (then scanned back to your first blog entry) because of the name of your blog – Computer Vet. I figured it would be good to follow someone who might actually know what they were doing. I definitely don’t.

    That you have continued posting (and regularly) all the way up to the present – well nothing yet in January but the month is still young – was another reason. So far you are about the 9th or 10th blog I have added.

    Look forward to reading more of your stuff to get more of a sense of you. Will probably add a comment or two then too. Anyway, congratulations on keeping up with the blog and hope to hear from you.


    Posted January 8, 2010 @ 7:10 pm

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