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March 25, 2002

Boy, I can’t write

Boy, I can’t write. I was realizing that tonight as I was trying to update the front page of my website with a little bit more about what kind of work I want to do in this side business of mine. And all that kept coming out was bull. I made some progress on working on the design, which I’m passable at, and revamping a little of the coding, which is where I really shine, but when I was writing the copy it was just torturous. And now going back and reading it is even worse. I feel sorry for the poor schlubs who will stumble across my site and have to read that tripe.

Enough self-flagellation, though. This is my website. I’m supposed to be selling my good qualities, not highlighting the bad.

Oh well. I’m really good at working with computers, honest! Just don’t hire me as a writer.