June 30, 2002

<crisis type="identity">

I’m at a crossroads now. I found out today that computervet.com (without the hyphen) was finally available, so I snatched it up right away. I’m still shocked that a porno company or a cybersquatter didn’t grab it first, but hey – I’m not arguing. This was the domain I wanted in the first place last year, but it was taken and I had to settle for the hyphenated domain. Now here we are, a year later, and in that time I have been consumed by the hyphenated domain. It’s seeped into my subconscious, and now in my mind it’s the ultimate symbol of my brand. The domain without the hyphen just looks so funny, almost like it’s spelled wrong. So where do I go from here?

I’ll certainly get www.computervet.com to point to this site. That’s not even a question. What I’m confused about is: which one should I advertise? Which should become my “main” domain? I’ve already spread my hyphenated e-mail address to sites all over the Web, and the hyphen is in my marketing materials, and just the other night I was visited by the Googlebot for the first time. So, is it too late to take the hyphen out? Would leaving the hyphen in confuse the hundredsthousands of people who haven’t heard of me yet? Does anybody reading this really care?

More hard questions.

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