July 20, 2002

Dr. Seuss Goes to War

Also on the subject of history, I just finished reading Dr. Seuss Goes to War. A fascinating look at Dr. Seuss’ early life as a WWII political cartoonist, it includes drawings of some very familiar Seussian flora and fauna going up against the likes of Hitler and Mussolini. And, on a web-related note (you know there’s always one), there is a companion website of sorts, hosted by UC San Diego’s Mandeville Library, who holds the originals of all these cartoons (they also host his advertising cartoons). The website is actually pretty well-done, for a photo gallery, showing every single cartoon in the wartime collection – something the dead-trees edition was unable to do. The website, however, doesn’t include the text, by historian Richard H. Minear, that actually puts the cartoons in context. So, the book and website, perhaps unwittingly, complement each other pretty well.

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