July 20, 2002

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive got a heap of (well-deserved) publicity last year when they launched their Wayback Machine interface to their Web Collections. If you go there, you can find yet another place on the web that has absolutely no idea that this site exists.

But, long before the Wayback Machine, I discovered the Internet Archive and a completely different collection of theirs: The Movie Collection. This collection has over a thousand short films — the kind that bring up waves of nostalgia about the America That Used To Be. These are WWII propaganda films, 1950’s etiquette films, corporate training films from the 60’s, and more. Make sure you have a fast connection if you go there, though, since these movies are in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 format, at anywhere from 4MB to 25MB per minute. A fascinating glimpse in the past.

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